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I’m a Jesus lover, husband, father, pastor, and author.

I lead an international ministry called RN 21 Revive Nations and also pastor at emmEmmanuel Church in Montreal. Over the many years, I have shared my thoughts and inspirations through several resources, including ‘Guarding the Heart’, and ‘Revive Leaders’ blog.




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Nothing in particular..

I hate not being able to maintain my schedule. Post a Vlog once a week on Monday. #failedlastweek!Post a peraonal blog once a week Saturday nights. #failedlastweek!Feed the fish everyday! #FailedThursday Post a blog on the official blog everyweek! Yeah!! Done! ✅Post a...

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Most unbelievable week of my life!

Just finished with a crazy God week! I've had so many prophecies come to pass in just one week! And it all revolved around Pastor Benny Hinn ministering at our church in Montreal. I am still in shock about God's grace, mercy and favour over my life. Something I will...

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Is life supposed to be lived this way?

Just back from preaching at Ablaze. Just listening to the three simultaneous attacks in London! Wondering how the people in London are going to cope after this month's continual attacks. I wonder if this is going to make them doubt every bearded passerby? Is this...

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