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Your destiny ahead

Just back from some meetings in Australia. It's usually not this hard to get over the  Jetlag. It could also be because of our extended services happening at our church that I've not had time to recuperate. However it's been a joy to get back to a church praying and...

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Super excited about my new..

My Bible!!  My biggest fear about losing my old Bible was that I'd lose all the highlights and markings, the notes and the encounters that I had in it. In fact it was the opposite, the lack of my former highlights in the scripture made it easy for me to ignore what I...

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When.. Fog lifts Clutter clean Stupidity quits Dust settles Seasons change Silence ends Sanity returns and Vision recurs, Do something about it.

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Nothing in particular..

I hate not being able to maintain my schedule. Post a Vlog once a week on Monday. #failedlastweek!Post a peraonal blog once a week Saturday nights. #failedlastweek!Feed the fish everyday! #FailedThursday Post a blog on the official blog everyweek! Yeah!! Done! ✅Post a...

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Most unbelievable week of my life!

Just finished with a crazy God week! I've had so many prophecies come to pass in just one week! And it all revolved around Pastor Benny Hinn ministering at our church in Montreal. I am still in shock about God's grace, mercy and favour over my life. Something I will...

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Is life supposed to be lived this way?

Just back from preaching at Ablaze. Just listening to the three simultaneous attacks in London! Wondering how the people in London are going to cope after this month's continual attacks. I wonder if this is going to make them doubt every bearded passerby? Is this...

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Charting my life!

Back to my @starbucks headquarters preparing for Sunday with my son Pastor Carlo for company! It's been quite a while i've hit this place, that explains why there has been no new blog posts on SM.com Hey by the way did I tell you my store is live? Check it out at...

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Is the fight – you?

We finished our 21day fast in our church and getting back into diet has become a burden. My appetite seems lost. It was beautiful to be floating in the boat of fellowship, carried by the clouds of prayer and worship with God's people. While I catch some air, I let my...

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People and you…

Some people love you for what you got, stop giving and they're lost. Some love you for who you know, stop connecting and they're gone. Some love you for where you can take them, stop leading and they stop being fun. Some others love you for what you are, lose that...

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