…are human and any expectations in this frugal world are traps of disappointments. We weren’t made to disappoint but the fallen humanity knows not how to any better way. It’s part of the DNA. Ourselves, our communities, parents, leaders, family, spouses, children – all have that in their DNA. The only person that won’t disappoint us is Jesus. Approaching all things with a steady serving of this reality should be part of life; lest we crouch into a cycle of never ending anticipation, nonfulfillment and apathy towards human beings. That helps you to serve your portion with some love and kindness. It is critical for us to look at every life’s moments through the eyes of Jesus who through Hebrews4:15 says, He understands and unashamedly sympathizes with our weaknesses. Cause when looking through His eyes all things are perfect, unscathed and beautiful.


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