We finished our 21day fast in our church and getting back into diet has become a burden. My appetite seems lost. It was beautiful to be floating in the boat of fellowship, carried by the clouds of prayer and worship with God’s people.

While I catch some air, I let my thoughts loose. One wise man (or a women) said, “..choose your battles carefully”.

You can stop an external force but you can’t fight an internal conflict. You defend someone from what they want to be saved. But you can’t fight them of what they crave. If someone needs convincing to stay back in your life, church, business then you’d probably end up having to convince them every day for the rest of your life.

‪What you fight to keep won’t stay long unless you keep fighting for it. One day the clipped wings are going to grow back. A decision that requires convincing is absent of who they are naturally and what they want normally therefore any attempt otherwise fail. ‬

‪There’s very few things in life that’s worth fighting for the rest of your life. Before you get into the fight, think through of it’s worth in the light of eternity. Otherwise you are fighting to lose – guaranteed. ‬

‪So it is in our walk with God. Consistency with God is not found in starving of sin, nor striving after God, but a product of becoming who you were created to be. Ponder that. ‬

‪Now back to enjoying my chicken salad! The kind of greens my mother only wished I ate when I was a child! #choice ‬

‪#thisdontsoundlikeramblingsbutichoosetobelieveitisasijustrambleditallout! ‬
‪#ramblings #unedited #grammarpolicegoaway ‬

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