Think about it…the freedom to choose whatever in the garden is what got the first man Adam to be slaves of what they chose in the first place.

This little wonder called ‘curiosity’ caused us to invent many great things but it’s also the curiosity that killed the cat.

The ‘power to reason’ is also the power used to reason out of the right reasoning.

Instead of enjoying what’s given, we crave for more. In desire to grapple more, we let go of what’s in the hand. Discontentment shoots us in the foot. And being disgruntled we pull the pin out of the hand grenade while we stare at it with great intent.

Alas, what an unsatisfiable gluttonous beast we become until we discover the joy of surrendering to the creator we are made to take delight in.


Vlog 51 👇🏼

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