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Oh Lord…

It's me again. Oh Lord, it's me again. Called you this morning,And I called you late last night. Oh Lord it's me... it's me again. I don't mean to bother you But it's me againI don't mean to bother youBut it's me againI Called you this morning,And I called you late...

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...are human and any expectations in this frugal world are traps of disappointments. We weren't made to disappoint but the fallen humanity knows not how to any better way. It's part of the DNA. Ourselves, our communities, parents, leaders, family, spouses, children -...

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The end of 2016

2016 has been full of sigh's and wow's. Disappointments and divine appointments. Woes and joys. Valleys and mountains. Silence and laughter. Lessons and treasures. Grace and mercy. And all of all things the most, the year of Salvation.Jesus creates the story, we still...

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The minuscule flakes..

...there's nothing such that. As little as they look, they fill up fast, they devour cars and roads and anything in its way. Yes, exactly...those minuscule harmless snow flakes that greeted me when I got back from Singapore. "What a mistake we make when we...

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The heart..

...Is the most deceptive of all things because it deceives itself. It ain't a bendable, stretchable rubber band. It goes to places with no intentions of return. It ambitiously climbs precarious places. It foolishly dives into deep crevices. That's why the mind can be...

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You make me brave

My last post was surely not a rambling. I intended to post it on my leaders blog here 👉🏼 www.ReviveNations.org/leaders But then.. meh, I must have been too sleepy 😌 Now at the Qatar airport. Transiting to Spore. My travels tend to take me on deep ponders. Off for a...

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Don’t Shutdown All Conversations

"If you're going to disagree, then you're not with us." This statement represented a hidden elitism, one that silences those who disagree. This fact has been the pitfall of liberalism in America; highlighted by the 2016 Presidential elections. Therefore those who were...

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Favour Came King Size

Today favour came in the King size cup at Starbucks even though I asked only for a medium. #ThankYouJesus So now you know, I'm at my head office(office in the head) Starbucks preparing for my sermon tonight's Ablaze and tomorrow's Sunday service. Life can get...

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On their shoulders we stand..

#RamblingsBegin I was at a conference recently where an elderly gentlemen begin to speak about how everything that you see is being built on the shoulders of great people that went ahead of the way. He called name after name of almost all the leading ministers in that...

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