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End goal: His heart

To access His hands, we need grace. To access His heart: we need mercy and favour. The end goal is and should always be His heart. His friendship. Everything else is in vain. After the eathquake, came the fire and the wind then came the still small voice. Wait for the...

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Our strengths are also our weakness

Think about it...the freedom to choose whatever in the garden is what got the first man Adam to be slaves of what they chose in the first place. This little wonder called 'curiosity' caused us to invent many great things but it's also the curiosity that killed the...

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My birthday wish

Dear Lord Jesus,Your further nearness is my birthday wish! Your grace, mercy and favour is my identity. If you don't hold me up, I'll fall. If you don't see me through, I'll fail. If you give up on me, I'm destroyed.You are my rock, my strength and my shield.You are...

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New Year 2017 Dilemma

In three days I won't be 30 anymore. More certainly I won't feel like 30 in my body. Most assuredly I plan on to move on from holding close to the "late twenties" title. But besides those silly dilemmas, it's also a new year, with renewed dreams, hope and resilience....

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Oh Lord…

It's me again. Oh Lord, it's me again. Called you this morning,And I called you late last night. Oh Lord it's me... it's me again. I don't mean to bother you But it's me againI don't mean to bother youBut it's me againI Called you this morning,And I called you late...

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...are human and any expectations in this frugal world are traps of disappointments. We weren't made to disappoint but the fallen humanity knows not how to any better way. It's part of the DNA. Ourselves, our communities, parents, leaders, family, spouses, children -...

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The end of 2016

2016 has been full of sigh's and wow's. Disappointments and divine appointments. Woes and joys. Valleys and mountains. Silence and laughter. Lessons and treasures. Grace and mercy. And all of all things the most, the year of Salvation.Jesus creates the story, we still...

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The minuscule flakes..

...there's nothing such that. As little as they look, they fill up fast, they devour cars and roads and anything in its way. Yes, exactly...those minuscule harmless snow flakes that greeted me when I got back from Singapore. "What a mistake we make when we...

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The heart..

...Is the most deceptive of all things because it deceives itself. It ain't a bendable, stretchable rubber band. It goes to places with no intentions of return. It ambitiously climbs precarious places. It foolishly dives into deep crevices. That's why the mind can be...

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