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I’m a Jesus loverhusband, father, pastor, and author.

I lead an army of Jesus lovers around the globe with RN 21 Revive Nations and emm Emmanuel Church in Montreal. Over the many years, I have shared my thoughts and inspirations through several resources, including ‘Guarding the Heart’, ‘Revive Leaders’ blog, audio podcast and videos. This site serves as a point of contact and some weekly personal ramblings. Enjoy.

“On any given day, I would choose Jesus over fame. His shadows comfort me. He’s making me what I should be. He’s all I got. He’s all I need. I’m nothing without Him. You can have the whole world but leave me with Jesus.”

Moving Gospels

Such would be their name if video and technology were available in the New Testament times. Subscribe to our two youtube channels to stay updated on this Jesus journey.

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My ramblings

(răm′blĭng) disconnected, haphazardly; lacks coherent plan

S for Superman

I am sorry.. I am no superman,I just happened to like the S in my name. I ain’t the saviour of humanity,I have no claims to divinity. I’ve been helpless a countless times,and even out of words that rhymes.Letting His Spirit to lead me through,Is my bet to... read more

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A life of grace, mercy and favour.


Wow seriously, you made it down to the end! 🙂 Until we meet in person, may the Lord give you the strength to run after Him.

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