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I’m a Jesus lover, husband, father, pastor, and author.

I lead an international ministry called RN 21 Revive Nations and also pastor at emmEmmanuel Church in Montreal. Over the many years, I have shared my thoughts and inspirations through several resources, including ‘Guarding the Heart’, and ‘Revive Leaders’ blog.




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Everything and nothing else

Exhausting day.  Back from writing my IELTS exam. I hope I get a good score. It’s been an exhausting week recovering from what seems to be a seasonal flu. But oh, beautiful sunsets are back after hiding long and hard from the winter giant. And did I tell you... read more

The problem of gravity!

Gravity pulls us down. Everything that goes up comes down. Even helium filled balloons only fly up for a while. Yes, it’s true that humans invented aeroplanes. After tremendous engineering and long runways they take off but after a while they need to land too.... read more


To float through life is to dangerously drift. Such is the result of the plague that affects a double minded heart. Like a wounded soul in limp mode – with nowhere to lean on. If you have no intention of being intentional then you are intentional about going no... read more

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