S H O R T   F I L M

Based on a True Story

Safely anchored in the Father’s embrace

“A Sparrow in the Storm” is a movie directed by Shyju Mathew, based on a true story from the life of Sarah Evans. Learn how your mess can be a message, turning your scars into stars, and discover how your life can turn around for good.

The Making

Watch the behind the scenes on Youtube.com/shyjumathew 

Tara Nicodemo

Actress & director, known for Mean Dreams (2016), Mambo Italiano (2003) and Taken ( 2017) .

“A Sparrow in the Storm is a wonderful first short film by Shyju Mathew. Suprisingly well shot and edited. He obviously has a gift for story telling and an eye for beautiful images, and acting.”

Sonam Bajwa

Model & actress, known for playing the lead female role in the blockbuster film “Punjab 1984”, and many others.

‘A Sparrow in the Storm’ is such a heart warming film directed by Shyju Mathew. I love that the film speaks so much without any dialogues. It leaves you with the most significant message in the end. All actors and the entire team did a fabulous job.

Kati Jerry

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Created to create, inspired to inspire.

If one picture is worth ten thousand words, then there is no telling in the value of a moving picture in sharing the power of the cross.

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